About Eminence


My name is Shanice, and I am the creative behind Eminence Candle Collective. My son and I started Eminence Collective in the California Bay Area, in East Palo Alto, in our home, and from the depths of our souls. I am a natural-born creative. I have learned to love and embrace my creative energy, especially the healing qualities it gifts me. I suffer from clinical depression, and I find myself coping by creating. For this reason, I only submerge myself in making things that truly bring me joy.
For many, many years, I made one kind of candle, a lavender candle, my candle. Lavender was the scent that comforted me in my most challenging moments. It wasn't until late 2019 that I began to explore new scents and realized how in love I am with the process of designing and making candles.
I explored new scents and now had more candles that made me feel good inside and out.
Then 2020 happened. It was a lot to bear, and all of me, including my lavender candle, helped me get through all of it. As I exited the pain that was 2020, I began to think about the potential my candles have to manifest their healing in someone else's life. This is how my first collection, Self Care Sunday, was born. 
Self-doubt, anxiety, unacceptance, and judgment are real, but they are banned from entering my creative space. Warmth, comfort, love, and healing are what I embrace when creating each of my candles. I hope these feelings are what speak to you when receiving all that I share here at Eminence Candle Collective.