Our Process


Our concrete vessels have very humble beginnings. Casting involves the creation of hand pouring and painting and use of silicone molds in order to ensure precise measurements each and every time. Our vessels are cast from gypsum and sand, creating a beautiful minimal, textured vessel.


Once each vessel has cured, it is removed from the mold and sanded. Sharp edges are carefully removed with a diamond grit sander.


When in their natural state, our concrete vessels are porous. We use a water-based, food-grade sealer to prepare these vessels for wax, or whatever else may come next. Each coat is applied by hand.


We spent over a year customizing and testing different fragrance oils to create the perfect blend. We are proud that our fragrances are phthalate- and toxin-free.


Our vessels are then hand poured in small batches with our luxury coconut apricot wax. It's an excellent alternative to soy and performs flawlessly with our fragrance blends. We then wick all our candles with a zinc-free, cotton-core wick.


Last but not least, we leave no detail overlooked and design all of our packaging in house. Our packaging and inserts are designed with you in mind. We use sustainable products wherever possible and want to leave you with a personal connection to more than just a candle.